Lotus Property Services, Inc. offers the most comprehensive accounting services to best accommodate our clients' needs. We customize our accounting services to work for you. We offer down to the penny full service accounting from receiving rents to paying mortgages. You choose which accounts services you want and how you want them handled and Lotus will take care of rest. It’s that easy!

Lotus is equipped to handle all of your accounting needs with efficiency and accuracy. We provide our clients with detailed IRS APPROVED, income and Expense Statements. With accounting software we are just a key stroke away from accurate accounting records from rent rolls to budget comparisons, all with the IRS stamp of approval. So whether you are at home or on vacation, you are just one phone call away from up to the minute information on your property’s accounts.

Upon take over, Lotus Property Services, Inc. will open an individual Bank Trust Account. All rents received are placed in an individual bank account that is allocated for your property. You can rest assured that your real estate investment income is properly handled! In order to cater to your schedule, owner cashflow draws are given on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Cashflow checks when you want them!

Our objective is to provide the upmost quality service while achieving maximum income and peace of mind for our clients to enjoy! Your account manager is always here for you with a smile and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your accounts.

Here is just a taste of what you get when utilizing Lotus Property Services, Inc. accounting services:

• Itemized property narrative reports
• Itemized Income and expense register
• Aggressive rent collections and tenant ledger monitoring.
• Consolidated Cashflow, income and expenses statements
• Easy accessibility to your account manager so you’re always in the driver's seat

• Updated rent roll and leases
• Rent increases and renewals
• Updated tenant directories
• General Property Ledgers
• Financial / Property Analysis
• Detailed Bank Reconciliations
• Accounts Payable & Receivable
• Rents posted Daily and Daily Bank Deposits
• Income and expense review
• Work closely with Collection Agency for past due move-out balances and eviction judgments

Lotus Property Services, Inc. accepts CREDIT CARD RENT PAYMENTS. Are your tenants having problems with paying rent or past due balances? No problem, by accepting credit card payments we make it easy for your tenants to continue with on-time rent payments. This is just another way that Lotus provides tenants with solutions, and an alternative payment option all the while maintaining full collections for our clients!