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May we enter your premises if you are not home?


If you check NO, please be sure to leave two contact phone numbers where you can be reached so maintenance can be scheduled promptly or you can call main office directly at 626-582-8001 ext. #128 to schedule an appointment.

Have you changed your locks, or will there be an issue accessing the property?


If you check Yes, please contact the office and make proper accommodations for so that our technician will have access.


Please be advised if you have a scheduled appointment with maintenance and are unable to keep your appointment you must cancel within 24 hours to avoid a service fee of $50.00. If a maintenance technician arrives at your home within the scheduled appointment time frame and you are not home you will be charged a $50 service fee.

Please note: Maintenance personnel must be accompanied by an adult 18yrs or older should tenant request to be home while servicing unit.

Please list below all repair(s) and/or improvement(s) for your unit:


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For emergency maintenence repair please call 626-582-8001.