Lotus Property Services, Inc. is one of the most innovative Property Management Companies in today´s market. In the Multi-family and Commercial Real Estate Market, you need a company that is moving at light speed and aggressively adapting to more effectively manage your real estate portfolio in this ever changing rental market. Lotus Property Services, Inc. is one of the most dynamic Property Management Companies in the industry providing superior service due to our proven system of Management and Success Rate! Our great attention to detail, customer service, and proven marketing strategies for vacant units has made Lotus the perfect match for real estate owners with both small and large real estate portfolios. Lotus Property Services, Inc. uses a state of the art approach to Property Management. We are the science behind successful management! No property is too small or too large to benefit from our proven management approach.


Our mission at Lotus Property Services, Inc. is to provide our clients with the highest quality and expertise in investment real estate and property management, focusing on customer service that caters to each of our clients’ needs. It’s how we do business. We understand that not all properties are alike and require unique and strategic management. Through our combined years of experience and hands on approach we have learned that close attention to detail and market knowledge is the key to success in this fast-paced real estate market. We understand the importance of quality management, which is why we structure our service to maximize your properties value and secure your real estate investments for years to come.


Lotus Property Services, Inc. is a customer service based company that focuses its energy on getting the job done. Where others sit and wait for things to get better, we get up and take ACTION to make sure vacancies are rented, your cashflow is where it should be, and that you are 100% Satisfied with the operation of your portfolio. QUALITY AND SERVICE, THE WAY IT SHOULD TO BE.


Lotus has taken what other companies do and simply made it better! By applying new innovative marketing techniques for vacancy rentals and implementing proactive property operation programs, we have created a more efficient system to better oversee your property. With our system of management we are able to effectively identify, analyze and solve any problem that may be occurring within any real estate portfolio. We have merged the science of business management and marketing, coupled with good ole property management, superior customer service, and old fashioned HARD WORK, to create one of the most successful recipes for cashflow your real estate portfolio has ever experienced!!