Lotus Property Services, Inc. works with over 400+ in house private investor clients. So if you are listing a property with Lotus we have immediate access to our pool of private investors. We also offer an extensive marketing program that consists of Lotus printing over 3,000+ full color half page flyers that are mailed periodically to local real estate investors within your target market. We do what the big guys don't!

We do our due diligence and market research in order to generate a full market analysis of your property so that we can determine the highest and best value for your property. Then, we will create a marketing set-up packet for your property that can be hand delivered, mailed, emailed, or faxed to a potential buyer anywhere in the world at any given time. In addition to our extensive direct mailing program, we also publish a quarterly Investment Newsletter where your Property will be showcased in our publication and sent out to over 2,000 real estate investors in the local Southern California area.

Not only do we use direct mailing of flyers and newsletters, but we also send 35,000 emails of your listed property to local and statewide real estate agents and investors for more exposure and we send monthly faxes to all 1031 Exchange buyers. All of this at NO COST TO YOU! Ask yourself, who will work this hard for you? Lotus Property Services, Inc. will! So whether we are searching for a property that suits your investment needs or selling your investment property we have all the tools and knowhow to get the most bang for your buck! Unlike other agents who simply know the theory behind buying and selling Multi-Family & Commercial Real Estate, we actually know the ins and outs of the business from management to working the numbers we can tell you what a good deal is or how to get top dollar for your property.

We are always on top of market trends and know what is going on within the industry. We have taken real estate marketing to a whole new level of success, utilizing new and improved techniques and strategies to get the most exposure, to effectively market and sell your property.